What is TimeClickr?

International 2-Way SMS service that allows you to send and receive text messages in more than 200 countries.

Do I have a free trial?

Registration is free and you get 5 test credits upon registration. Once these are used you will be able to purchase one of the available credit packages.

What is "low credits" Notification Level?

TimeClickr will send you a reminder once your credits go down to the notification level value. This is done to ensure there will be no interruption of service because you ran out of credits. The default notification level is 4. You can always change it - go to your Profile, then click on "Edit Profile" link. You can also switch notifications off - just enter "-1" and save.

What happens if I run out of credits?

You will not be able to send or schedule messages as long as you do not have credits. This also applies to existing schedules - messages will not be sent. The service will automatically resume after you purchase credits.


Is registration free?

Yes, the registration is free, and there are no subscription or any other hidden fees. You can create an account and browse the site, and you will have 5 test credits to try the service.

Why do you ask for my cell phone?

This is part of our fight with spam and for your privacy. One can obtain endless email addresses - however it is much harder with cellphones. We do not allow two accounts with the same cell phone, and we send a text message with a verification code to the number you provided to confirm your identity. While this is not 100% spam-proof it still makes it much harder for the potential spammer to abuse the service. Please note that we only send a single message to your phone number and will never use it again.

SMS Inbox

Can I rent multiple Inboxes?

Yes, you can have SMS Inbox in every supported country.

Can I rent multiple Inboxes in the same country?

Please contact us and explain your purpose.

Can I receive messages without personal SMS Inbox?

This may work in USA, Canada or UK - if you send message to your contact from TimeClickr account and this person replies - we will be able to deliver the message to your shared Inbox. For other countries you will need to rent an Inbox in order to receive messages.


What is the difference between Sent and Delivered status?

"Sent" means "delivered to the operator network". "Delivered" means "received by handset". Not all operators provide final delivery notifications - in which case the message status will remain "Sent". It does not mean that your message delivery failed - we simply did not get this final confirmation from the specific operator.

Can I send group messages?

Yes, you can choose any number of phone numbers from your list for each message or schedule.

Can I send Unicode messages?

Yes, but keep in mind that while we will do our best to deliver your message, the final result may depend on the specific operator and sometimes on the handset model. Also, a unicode message length is limited to 70 characters.

Can I sign message with my name?

Yes. Go to your profile page and enter your Sender ID (up to 10 characters). Please note that not all operators support it (for example, it will not work in US, Canada or India).


I want to schedule a message in a different timezone...

Edit your profile and change the option "Timezones for Schedule" to "Show". After you save it, the timezone menu will appear on your Schedule page and you will be able to use any timezone from the list.

Can I schedule a message to be sent to more than a single phone number?

Yes, you can create up to 20 phone numbers and then choose any phone numbers from your existing list - simply hold the "Ctrl" key while selecting numbers.

Can I pause a recurring schedule?

Yes, you can pause, terminate or totally delete any schedule at any time. If you pause a schedule - you can always resume it later.

I cannot set my schedule the way I need it...

Well, this can happen. We tried to cover most common scenarios but of course not all. In many cases you can work around by simply setting multiple schedules, each one doing part of what you need. If you feel something important is missing - please use "Contact Us" form and let us know.

How can I change a schedule?

You can change any schedule that did not generate any messages yet - open it and use the "Edit" button. To change an already running schedule simply delete it and create a new one.


Do I need to provide a credit card to purchase message credits or rent an SMS Inbox?

TimeClickr uses PayPal to process payments. You can either use your existing PayPal account or pay with any credit card accepted by PayPal.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

We do not process payments and do not keep your credit card on file. Once you click on PayPal Buy button you will be redirected to the PayPal secure payment site. All credit card transactions are done by PayPal.

Do I need a PayPal account?

Not necessarily. You can use any credit or debit card accepted by PayPal.

What types of credit cards do you accept?

Any card that is accepted by PayPal will do.